When planning a walking holiday in Ireland, there’s a concept that appears everywhere – the National Waymarked Trails!

These routes and their classification are a great way to become familiar with the most popular options for hiking in Ireland. They all comply with a fixed set of criteria that warrants a convenient level of comfort for the traveler:

  • There are accommodation options both at the start and at the end fo the trails, and every 20-30 kilometers (approximately every 12-18 miles).
  • There’s at least one option to stop to eat or drink every 20-30 kilometers, within 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of the trail. It could be a shop, a pub or a café!
  • There are signs or waymarking information at any junction along the trail. There will also be at least one reassurance waymarking every kilometer, along long straight stretches of the trail.
  • At least 80% of the trail is not on public roads.
  • Parking should be available at the trail starting points.
Woman pointing at the signal indicating Beara Way - National Waymarked Trails

Nowadays, 45 walking routes in Ireland are classified as National Waymarked Trails. They are diverse in length and in difficulty, so the list has there’s something to suit everyone, no matter how nobel or experienced.

Many of them require more than one day to complete, and the planning can be more or less challenging – especially when doing it from other countries!

Beara Way, Dingle Way, Kerry Way, Wicklow Way… These and many other routes we offer are included in the National Waymarked Trails list.

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