5 Convincing Reasons to Love Hiking in Ireland

Are you planning your next holiday? If you enjoy the outdoors, hiking in Ireland can be a great option! You’ll discover a beautiful nation, with adventure days that will be both challenging and rewarding and will leave you with a sense of awe.

There are many reasons that make Ireland the popular hiking destination it is. If you’re still undecided, we hope these 5 reasons to choose a hiking holiday in Ireland give you the clarity you need to choose the Emerald Island as your next destination:

1. Hiking in Ireland Means You’ll Experience the Island’s True Nature

Although Ireland’s cities and towns are worth the visit, the truth is our island is defined by its wild side. The close relationship between the Irish and the sea is key to understanding the history of the nation. For a long time, walking was -almost – the only way to travel. Choosing to hike in Ireland will help you feel what life was like centuries ago!

2. There’s a Hike for Everyone!

There are so many routes, versions, and adaptations, that hiking in Ireland can suit everyone’s needs and wants. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or looking for a new way to enjoy nature, you’ll find an option suited to your tastes, your fitness level, and the duration of your holidays.

3. Hiking = Discovering Unexplored Places

There are a lot of ways to travel, and a lot of ways to enjoy new places, but there’s no way around it – if you want to discover unexplored territories, that will take you out of your ordinary experience… you’ll have to walk!

Hiking will take you to places you would have missed otherwise. And you don’t want to miss them, do you?

4. Hiking in Ireland Will Make You Feel Proud of Yourself!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re super fit or not – every route has always a challenging part! By the end of your hike in Ireland, you’ll feel proud of your success, and you’ll get an experience that will last a life-time.

Cork-Beara Way-Hiking-Lough Inchiquin

5. Ireland has the most beautiful landscape in the world

Ok, we might be biased here but bear with us for a second – our rather small island ranks 8th in the “Most beautiful countries” index, as voted by global survey respondents; and in the “Best Countries for Hiking” rank by Ranker.com.

Our natural landscapes are famous all over the world, and for a reason – they are stunning!


Visiting Ireland and hiking at least one of our incredible routes should be listed on everyone’s bucket list! Get in touch and request a free quote, customized to your needs. The Emerald Island awaits!

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