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Our same fantastic Ways but with extra days added in for more flexibility, rest and exploration.

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Our @Ease programmes are designed to give walkers an opportunity to unwind, relax and recover with less unpacking and longer stays. Over the years we have often been asked to design itineraries with added days for rest or exploration. So we decided to make it official!

While we are always happy to tailor a tour to your needs, we think these tours will appeal to most everyone looking to spend a more time in each location. Please don’t expect these tours to be any less easier on the walking days, they are not, but they do offer days to rest your tired feet.


Indulge in the beauty and tranquility of Ireland on our @Ease walking holidays, where having ample time to relax is the key to a truly rejuvenating experience. Slow down and savor every step as you explore breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, and charming villages. With extra ‘free days” you can choose to rest your weary feet, read a book or enjoy a picnic.


If rest is not appealing, our @Ease tours offer options for additional walks or sightseeing. These itineraries offer more opportunity to immerse yourself in our rich culture, connect with local people, and take in the stunning vistas without feeling rushed. Allowing yourself more time to unwind ensures you return home not just invigorated, but with cherished memories of an unhurried journey through the heart and soul of Ireland.

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