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Think of us as your concierge trip designer for walking holidays in Ireland.

Discover Tailor-Made Experiences through Ireland

For 23 years we have provided memorable walking and hiking itineraries on Ireland’s national walking routes.

Walking tours and driving holidays in rural Ireland are our specialties at Tailor-Made Tours.

On our walking routes, all levels of walkers can enjoy incredible scenery, warm Irish hospitality, and quality accommodations. We do the planning, you do the walking!

Ireland is a magical place to walk. Feel the Celtic spirit, tread the ancient paths. Experience the journey as others who came before you, seeking knowledge, adventure or a new outlook on life.

There is simply no other place on earth like it!

Meet The Team

The real people behind your carefully crafted tours. We work directly with you, offering a personal touch and a lifetime of experience to ensure an Irish holiday to remember.

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Our Promise to You

Our goal is to ensure you have the most enjoyable holiday possible, whether hiking, driving, or simply standing still to soak it all in. We understand the importance of vacation time away from it all and we think it should be the best holiday it can possibly be – it’s our promise to you.

Our knowledge of back road Ireland is extensive, and our attention to logistics is impeccable. With Tailor-Made Tours, discovering Ireland is a joyful experience.

Why Ireland?

If you enjoy the outdoors, hiking in Ireland is the best way to experience this country. You’ll discover a beautiful nation, with adventure days that will be both challenging and rewarding and will take your breathe away (in more ways than one)!

Ireland is a popular hiking destination for many reasons: quiet villages, small laneways, beautiful scenery,  vibrant flora and fauna, friendly people. At the end of each day, Irish hospitality in our guesthouses and hostelries await you, as well as great storytelling and a bit of music over a pint. This is the Ireland we would like you to experience.

Self-guided & Independent Walkers

On a self-guided tour, daily walks range from 10 to 25km per day (4-8 hours). You can walk alone, in a pair, or with a group of friends. With our color Ordnance Survey maps to cover your route, you will have no problem finding your way. You choose when to go and for how long.

We have 8 areas to choose from and it is easy to combine two routes to make a longer walking holiday. We book your accommodations and your luggage transfers, all you have to do is walk. Water, food and a camera is all you’ll need to carry.

Is a Walking Holiday for me?

Choosing a walking holiday is a life-changing experience!

At Tailor-Made Tours we believe everyone should enjoy a walking holiday.

Whatever your age, experience, or fitness level there is a walking holiday to suit you. Each tour is graded to give you an idea of how strenuous they are. Tougher tours can be broken up into shorter days on some routes, or by taking rest days. 

For the not-so-keen walker and the avid walker traveling together, just ask us – we have managed tours for every combination of individuals!

Whatever itinerary you want, we can put it together.

Still unsure? Read our Top Tips to Plan Your First Walking Holiday and reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Let's Plan your trip to Ireland

Start the conversation and let us help you choose a route or design an itinerary that works for you.