Ireland landscape with sea

5 Convincing Reasons to Love Hiking in Ireland

Are you planning your next holiday? If you enjoy the outdoors, hiking in Ireland can be a great option! You’ll discover a beautiful nation, with adventure days that will be both challenging and rewarding and will leave you with a sense of awe. There are many reasons that make Ireland the popular hiking destination it...
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Woman seated at the Wicklow mountains

What are the Irish National Waymarked Trails?

When planning a walking holiday in Ireland, there’s a concept that appears everywhere – the National Waymarked Trails! These routes and their classification are a great way to become familiar with the most popular options for hiking in Ireland. They all comply with a fixed set of criteria that warrants a convenient level of comfort...
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Person hiking alone in the woods

Top Tips to Plan Your First Walking Holiday

If you enjoy hiking, you’ll eventually reach a point where planning your first walking holiday just seems like the natural next step! While planning a hiking or walking holiday can be exciting and interesting, it might also make you feel stressed and insecure. There are so many things to ensure and organize! To make it...
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