Meet Sean

Sean Rice

Owner / Sales / Business Development / Partnerships
Hi, I’m Sean and I live in Dublin. Over many years, I have alternated between working as an IT Consultant in various large Corporations (yawn) and returning to my real passion, which is anything to do with travel.

I have worked at an Airport, an Airline software company, an online Hotel Booking company and a Camino de Santiago Walking Holiday company. In 2023 I had the good fortune to buy my own Walking & Hiking tour business in Ireland, from the previous owner who was retiring after 22 years in operation.
Tailor-Made Tours is focused on providing exceptional walking and hiking tours throughout some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland. We are proud of our ability to listen to our clients and to craft bespoke tours that meet your specific needs. I enjoy talking with our clients and partners, and if I can go the extra mile for someone, then I will.